Wedding Dress Shopping Tips!

Whether you already have a dress in mind or have no idea what type of gown you’ll wear down the aisle, wedding dress shopping should be a special occasion. Keep these dress shopping tips in mind before you hit the stores!

Determine your budget.

It may seem like an easy task, but determining your dress budget – and sticking to it – can be challenging. One of the best tips we’ve heard? Don’t try on a dress that is over your budget. You’ll end up unhappy with other dresses or paying more for a dress than you can really afford.

Pick your shopping buddies carefully.

It may sound fun to have your entire bridal party, including your mom and future mother-in-law in tow as you try on dresses, but too many conflicting opinions can keep you from making a decision. Instead, bring a few people you enjoy and trust.

Decide what type of shopping experience you’d like.

Have you been dreaming of a champagne-sipping, stand on a pedestal and “say yes to the dress” type of day, or would you prefer a more low-key, browse casually off the rack experience? Choose the shopping experience that makes you most comfortable.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find your dress immediately.

Try to focus on the fun of wedding dress shopping without putting too much pressure on yourself. Some brides can go to one boutique and find the perfect dress, but others need to visit multiple stores and try on more than a few dresses before making a decision.

Trust your instincts. 

Some brides cry, while others get “this is MY dress” goose bumps, but no matter what, trust your own instincts. If you feel good and can’t imagine walking down the aisle in anything else, you’ve found your dress!

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