Beating the Heat – Summer Weddings

Dreams are made of the perfect June wedding, but every wedding season has its pros and cons. Sunny, blue skies can be the perfect backdrop for your celebration, but there are a few things to consider before walking down the aisle on a summer day.

Choosing a summer wedding date can help you avoid the more dramatic weather-related wedding disasters, like heavy rain, wind, or snow, and many brides and grooms take advantage of the summer season by planning an outdoor ceremony or reception. Even if moderate temperatures are considered “normal” for your wedding date, be prepared for a potential spike in temperature. There are little things you can do to make sure you, your bridal party, and guests all keep your cool on your summer wedding day.

Prepare your guests.

Include a suggested dress code on your invitation, which can be detailed on your wedding website. You may want to recommend “beach dress” or “garden party attire” if your ceremony or reception will be outdoors. While you can absolutely host a black tie wedding during the summer, consider the comfort of your bridal party and guests. If the temperature makes your guests uncomfortable, you can expect jackets and ties to start coming off. If you’d prefer to keep a more formal ambiance, consider an indoor venue where you have more control over the elements.

If you are hosting a destination wedding, put together little welcome baskets for your guests arriving from out of town, complete with sunscreen, a bottle of water, and sunglasses. When guests are traveling locally for your special day, they may be more prepared for any sudden changes in the temperature, but there are some things you can do to keep everyone comfortable and focused on what’s important – your wedding!

Keep your bridal party comfortable.

If you are using an onsite bridal suite to get dressed and ready, the room should be air-conditioned, but ask the venue of you’ll have control over the temperature. Last minute, unexpected adjustments can be stressful and you should be able to adjust the thermostat if you need it a little cooler. Keep cold water available for everyone. While a pre-ceremony toast might be nice, encourage your bridal party to wait until after the ceremony to drink alcohol. Having your bridesmaids and groomsmen standing by your side for an extended period of time in the hot sun after having a few drinks might be a recipe for disaster.

Keep everyone hydrated and cool.

Present your guests with pre-ceremony non-alcoholic drinks. Arrange for water or lemonade and iced tea to be served as your guests arrive, especially if they will be sitting in the sun for some time waiting for the ceremony to begin. Consider creating a monogrammed keepsake fan of wicker or wood, or turn a wedding program into a fan to keep your guests from over-heating. Some brides and grooms have chosen to go a step further with parasols (that match your wedding colors, of course!) that shade your guests from the sun.

Don’t sweat the celebration.

You don’t want the temperature to get in the way of celebrating with your friends and family.

  • Indoor reception: Make sure the property has an appropriate air conditioner for your number of guests, and visit the venue on a hot day to feel how comfortable it is. If you are hosting a sit-down dinner, make sure the water glasses are filled regularly.
  • Outdoor reception: Dancing the night away under the stars might sound romantic, but rising temperatures can put a damper on your celebration. If your reception is during daylight hours, you may want to use a tent or canopy over the reception area to shade your guests from the sun.

Preparing in advance for your summer wedding can save the day when the temperature starts to rise. Everyone will enjoy your big day comfortably with these few hints on how to beat the heat!

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