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The look of awe that passes across a groom’s face as his bride appears, the blush of a bridesmaid as she catches the bouquet in front of her new boyfriend, or the giggle of a flower girl as she throws her first handful of petals. Every wedding is filled with beautiful, funny, and heartfelt moments that capture the spirit of the newlyweds and their loved ones, and we are always overwhelmed by the honor of being a part of it. 

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Hello I’m Nicolette, owner of Sparkling Soirées! My passion for helping a couple create their perfect wedding day – one that reflects their personal style and exceeds their expectations – is obvious in each event I have been privileged to design, plan, and coordinate. With exquisite attention to every detail, unparalleled communication, and an abundance of positive energy, my goal is to make sure your big day is as unique and joyful as your love story.

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Regardless of the size or scale of your event, Sparkling Soirées can help you plan a party your guests will be talking about for years to come.

The highest level of planning allows the client’s dream to come to life, with little to no effort on their part. This service includes unlimited planning meetings, attendance in all vendor appointments, and full event design. Beginning at $12,500

This hands-on partial wedding planning service provides personalized vendor recommendations, budget analysis, and several in-person meetings to address the details of your big day.
Beginning at $6,500

We create your timeline, floor plan and assist with vendor communications in the 60 days prior to your wedding.
Beginning at $2,250

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"No joke- the best wedding decision I made was hiring Nicolette & Team from Sparkling Soirees for my wedding day! I had some *interesting* circumstances with my wedding- specifically some lovely family awkwardness and also health issues. Nicolette handled it beautifully. If something went wrong I had no idea, and I still have no idea. The day was perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything better! I didn't have to worry about setting up the wedding with my decor, or the flow of the day, or even contacting my vendors with the schedule! The main thing here is that I didn't have to worry about a THING! It was the best gift and truly invaluable. My family and friends loved Nicolette and still talk about how great our wedding was even months later. She really listened to what I wanted and created the most perfect timeline for our day. She also had the best tips and tricks specifically for our venue and it was so helpful. If you think you don't need a coordinator or planner for your wedding, think again and hire Sparkling Soirees!"

"The Best Wedding Decision I Made- Other than Marrying my Husband!"

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"best decision ever. book carolina!"

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"carolina's work is simply stunning"

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The special touches for your wedding day add your personality and make the day yours! For Mariah and Raul, including these touches made the day come to life and made this chapter of their story that much more special. 

Incorporating YOU in Your Day! 


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It’s 2023! A new year means new trends to play around with in your bridal style! Take a look at the bridal trends that are suspected to be big in 2023! 

2023 Bridal Fashion Trends 


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