December 5, 2017

Trends by Season: Winter Weddings

The suggestion of a winter wedding may seem a little risky if you live in colder areas of the country, but couples in Southern California don’t have the same concerns. In fact, choosing to celebrate in the “off-season” can give you all the perks of a spring wedding with the added benefit of choosing florals, colors, and styles unique to the winter months.

When you choose to have a “winter” wedding in Southern California, off-season prices may still apply to venues, caterers, florists, and more, but it depends on the date you’ve chosen. Whether you want to walk down the aisle in the middle of a winter wonderland or just want hints of the season sprinkled throughout your design, you have lots of options to choose from.


Fabulous Flowers

Of course, in a world of same-day shipping, you can likely get any flower at any time of the year (for a price!) but if you’d like to bring a more wintery feel to your bouquets, backdrops, boutonnières, and centerpieces, you might want to choose from some of these seasonal flowers:


Bold & Beautiful Colors

Your winter wedding can come to life with vibrant colors that capture the beauty of the season and reflect your personal style. Some favorites include emerald green, plums and purples, burgundy, maroon, and navy with coordinating accents to bring depth and texture to your décor. Of course, even the lightest and brightest color palette can be transformed into a wintery vision with a white faux fur wrap around your bridesmaid’s shoulders.


Seasonal Style

Imagine chandeliers with crystals dripping down like icicles, silver-speckled linens that shine like new-fallen snow, or decor accented with pinecones and birch tree branches. A winter wedding should be inspired by a bride and groom’s personality. You can pay homage to the season with rustic, glam, or classic details, with a cozy, elegant, or sophisticated tone.


A winter wedding in Southern California might not be the snow-speckled event of colder climates, but the season just might inspire some unique design elements that make your wedding day sparkle and shine.

winter wedding

winter wedding