Gifts for your Groom

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The big day is here! After years of hoping to find your Prince Charming and months of planning, you finally get to marry the man of your dreams. Make the day extra-special with a sweet gift for your groom!

But where do you start? Remember that this is just a sweet gesture to surprise him as he starts his day, and does not need to be an extravagant display of affection. After all, he is getting the best gift ever, marrying you!

A Snazzy Watch 

Your love is timeless, so why not show it with a gift of a watch for your groom? Check for designer watches at affordable prices. Your time together is eternal, so look for a classic and stylish watch he’ll wear as a token of your commitment to “forever.” Consider engraving the back of the watch with “I do” or a special catch-phrase that only he’ll understand. Don’t forget to add a fun note to remind him, “Don’t Be Late!”

groom's gift groom
Personalized Cufflinks

Customize a pair of cufflinks with your wedding date or your initials as a couple, and get creative. Cufflinks can be made with your groom’s style in mind, designed using silver, gold, leather, stone, or even from the stadium seats of your man’s favorite team. This thoughtful, sophisticated gift is something that your groom will wear on your wedding day and is subtle enough to be worn on many special days in your future together.


For an outdoor wedding ceremony, buy a nice pair of shades for your future hubby to wear – especially since you’ll be blinding him with your stunning beauty as you walk down the aisle! A nice pair of Ray-bans, and maybe even matching ones for his groomsmen, will symbolize your bright future together…and can be cute for photos, too.


Buy your man his favorite cologne or discover a new fragrance you think he’d like. Has he ever mentioned a brand or designer he loves? Send it with a note letting him know that you sprayed a handkerchief with his signature scent so that he’s on your mind as you get ready for your wedding.

With a gift like these, his only question will be what to get you! Don’t worry guys…we’ll help you out too. Check in soon for our guide to gift your bride blog!

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