October 11, 2022

Unique Guestbook Ideas

As you begin your married life, the people you invite to your wedding want to send you off with good energy, advice, and well-wishes! In the past, the most common way for guests to write these was in a guestbook.

Although a traditional guestbook has a place, why not have something that both excites guests and exemplifies your personality as a couple? Here are some ideas that will create memories that last long past your wedding day. 


Coffee Table Guest Book


Do you still like the tradition of a guestbook, but want something that will match your home after you’re married? Coffee table books cover a wide array of subjects and aesthetics that match your personalities and your home! Place a colored pen (or black, if that’s your style!), and guests can write in them throughout the night. There are so many options that can fit any wedding: if you want a simple book with minimal fuss, if you love music, if you love to travel, or if you want to show your love in a heartfelt way.


Voice Memo Guest Book


Guests can send you off into married life with voice memos! These can become a heartwarming way for guests to give you advice or for you to hear from family members and friends for years to come! This company also has different colors of turn-dial phones that can fit any wedding aesthetic! 

C/O After The Tone

Polaroid Guest Book

Make the guest book an interactive activity with a Polaroid camera! Guests can take pictures with a Polaroid camera at the event, and then while the image is developing, they can write a message on the frame. Any guest can take part, and it memorializes moments during your wedding that the photographer may miss!


Globe Guest Book

For the jet-setting, or nomadic couple! Using either a globe found online, or one found in a thrift/consignment store, guests can write on it with a permanent marker, adding memories and well-wishes! This is also a great idea for destination weddings!


Wedding Venue Art Guest Book

Commission a sketch or painting of the venue you’re planning to get married in. When it is displayed at the reception, guests can add their notes to you and your partner in the frame! This option may take more time to prepare, but it’s worth it to have a beautiful, commemorative piece of art that you can later display in your home!