October 22, 2022

Interactive Wedding Experiences

“This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” 


We all want to hear this sentiment from guests when they walk away from your wedding at the end of the night. When there are interactive activities at your wedding, all guests can have a good time, even if they don’t prefer to dance! This focus on the guests will make your wedding memorable for everyone, no matter if they are your closest friends, or the one cousin that you see every 5 years. Here are some options that will make your wedding stand out to guests: 


Live Dessert Making Station

Who doesn’t love desserts? Have your caterer set up a live dessert making station for your guests! The options are endless! Bring out fresh donuts for guests to add their own toppings, like a warm glaze or multicolored sprinkles. Set up an ice cream station where a caterer makes nitrogen ice cream on the spot! Place toppings out for guests to personalize their dessert. 


Live Wedding Painting

Guests will love witnessing an artist at work! Commission a live wedding painter to create an image of your ceremony or reception while at your wedding. The painter can set up a station at your reception so guests can see the vision come to life! Once complete, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art to display in your home!

Photo courtesy of our friend, John Garcia!

Live Wine/Spirits Tasting 

For the wine enthusiast in your family! Create a tasting flight of your favorite wines or spirits for your family and friends to partake. You can also bring in a local sommelier to hold a mini-class for your guests to try local wines or spirits. Your guests can find new wines that they love, and when they seek it out after the event, they’ll remember the great time they had at your wedding! 


360 Glam Cam 

Make all your guests feel like a celebrity! Set up a platform or booth for your guests to take photos with a 360 camera, or hire a company to do the set up for you. Since your guests are already dressed up, they’ll want to document the occasion and memorialize your wedding in a fun way!