August 25, 2022

How to Name Your Specialty Drinks

When it’s your wedding day, why not personalize everything?! Whether it’s your invitations, napkins, drinks, etc. creating a personalized touch to your wedding day allows you and your partner’s personalities to shine through in such a fun and playful way.

Here are some great tips on how to name your signature wedding cocktail:

  1. Consult with Your Bartender

Find out what your bartender’s specialty drink is! Do they have any special ingredients that they love mixing together? Talk to him/her about what you want to create and what flavors you are looking to combine. All of that information can help them create the perfect drink for your special day.

  1. Schedule a Cocktail Tasting

What sounds more fun than scheduling a time for you and your partner to taste different types of cocktails? This allows both of you to try different flavor profiles and get an idea on what you both either like or dislike. From there, you can try and create a flavor profile that you think will be successful.

  1. Incorporate Wedding Sayings or a Clever Pun

Once you have found your special drink, you want to create a fun name to get your guests excited. Taking the ingredients from your specialty cocktail, see if you can create any fun phrases or puns to create that perfect name. For Example: Vodka Rosemary Lemonade could become, Vodka Rose-Marry Me Lemonade.

  1. Use Your Wedding Location for Inspiration

If you are traveling for your wedding, you could use the name of the city and incorporate that into your new drink. You could also draw inspiration from the city and its culture and add that to the name as well. For example: Southern Belle-Ini

  1. Make it Personal

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner coming together as one. Cherish that and use it for your benefit when it comes to naming your cocktail. Find words that are associated with things that you both love; hobbies, sports, pets, colors, travel locations, etc. Really make your specialty drink something that reflects both of you.

Signature Cocktail Name Examples:
  • Mint-to-be-mojito
  • Main Squeeze Margarita
  • Blushing Bride
  • Grinning Groom
  • Be Mine Wine
  • I Do Brew
  • Love Potion
  • Marry Me Mule
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Matrimoni Martini
  • Mai Guy
  • Bloody Marry
  • Forever & Ale-ways
  • Say I Do Sangria
  • Drunk in Love