Wedding Favors: Pandemic Edition

As COVID restrictions are loosening, weddings are starting to happen again (YAY!). With all the new rules and regulations, it can be exhausting to think about how to keep you and your guests safe on your special day. Help your guests stay safe by sending them home with these amazing wedding favors; not only will they thank you for an amazing night, they will thank you for keeping them safe.


  1. Bar Soap

With everyone constantly washing their hands, why not give your guests personalized bar soap that will take them back to a very magical day. Personalize the packaging with your new initials or create a beautiful design that represents your special day.

  1. Masks

Masks are becoming a new staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Create beautiful masks in your wedding colors and help keep your guests safe, while also looking fashionable. The perfect Covid wedding favor!

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Everywhere we go, now a days, hand sanitizer is a must-have. With your personalized hand sanitizer, not only will your guests stay clean, but they will also think of you and your special day every time they use it.

  1. No-Touch Hygiene Tool

As life resumes, we are constantly opening doors, pressing elevator buttons, or touching anything that could hold germs. With the No-Touch Hygiene tool, now you and your guests don’t have to worry about contracting any virus through surfaces.

Let this tool do all the work for you.

  1. Mason Jars or Glasses

With guests being in close proximity to one another during your wedding day, germs can be spread very quickly. Keep you and your guests safe by personalizing mason jars or glasses. No more wondering whose drink is whose! Create a beautiful design for each of your guests using their name or initials.