Lake Proposal
June 19, 2018

Our Love Story: The Lake Proposal

Jason and I have known for a while that we were going to spend our lives together but were waiting for the right time to move forward. While I was launching my own wedding & event coordination company, Sparkling Soirées, Jason was finishing his degree and preparing to teach elementary school. The last year has been busy to say the least. We made the decision to move in together this August, but wanted to be engaged first.  After asking for my favorite ring style and size, I thought a proposal might be coming up, but had no idea when. After I thought “today is the day” on a number of occasions, I began to panic.

On a recent trip to the mall to pick something up, we passed by the Harry Winston display. Jason asked which of the rings I liked best. “Didn’t we already talk about this?” I thought. Was he messing with me or truly forgot? He then went on to ask what size I was, insisting he thought I was a size 6.5 when I wear a 5, and that I always wanted a rose gold ring, when I had clearly told him white gold. We got to the car, and Jason decided to play a “Marry Me” soundtrack. He was messing with me.

After narrowing down potential proposal days, I thought I had him.  I’m a wedding planner, so there was no way he would get away with tricking me. I had a “proposal dress” that I was convinced I would wear the day he proposed, insisting I had him all figured out. Little did I know how wrong I was…

On June 15, Jason’s birthday, we planned to spend the day together after he got off work.  I planned a picnic at Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach to spoil him. With champagne and a charcuterie board in hand, Jason picked me up, insisting that he drive. We drove to the beach and sat on the sand enjoying the sunshine and each other.

We had planned to meet his friends for a birthday dinner at The Blind Pig in Rancho Santa Margarita at 7:00pm, so we knew we had to leave the beach by 6:00pm. We got in the car at 6:04 pm, and Jason was obviously worried, afraid we’d be late. Confused as to why four minutes made such a difference, I assured him we had plenty of time.

As we began to drive toward the restaurant, Jason mentioned that my hair was a bit “wind-blown” and asked if I had hairspray in my bag to fix it. Since he never makes comments like this, I thought, “wow, it must be bad then!” I braided a section of my hair and reapplied my makeup, making sure I didn’t look crazy for dinner.

When we were just a block from the restaurant, Jason insisted he knew a different way. When we ended up in a dead end, he “admitted” he must have missed the sign. He then suddenly exclaimed he needed gas before we got to the restaurant, even though he had mentioned filling up the car that morning. I still didn’t think anything of it.

When we arrived at the restaurant and were waiting for his friends to arrive, he realized he forgot his wallet in the car. It was strange that it was almost 7 and not a single friend was there yet for dinner. When Jason came back from the car, he suggested we move the reservation to 7:30 and because his friends had texted that they were running late. He started to relax and suggested we just take a walk around the lake while we wait.

On our walk, my feet began to hurt from my heels and I asked if we could turn around multiple times. After insisting we walking “just a little further,” we walked over to a grassy patch by the water where geese were gathering. Jason suddenly pulled out his phone and said he has something to show me.

He mentioned that he wrote a note on his IPhone a long time ago that he came across and wanted me to see. When he showed me the screen, I saw a list of names underneath the title “Jason and Nicolette’s Wedding.” Jason showed me the date listed on the top of the note. December 18, 2016. It was written nine days after our first date.

He explained that he has known since the very beginning he wanted to marry me, and then reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. I yelled, “Is this really happening?! Are you serious??” He opened the box and asked me if I would marry him, to which I obviously responded with “Of course!”

I was still in shock as Nathan Worden, a photographer I’ve known for a long time, walked toward us. Jason had met with him earlier to plan the perfect proposal location and to make sure we had beautiful photos of our engagement.

Although the “birthday dinner with friends” was merely a smoke-screen, we had a perfectly romantic table for two and watched the sun set over the lake, taking in every moment of our newly engaged life. We could not be more in love or more excited for what comes next!


Nicolette & Jason

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