June 14, 2018

Experience-Based Wedding Registries

Wedding registries, are they really as fun as Katherine Heigl and James Marsden make them appear in “27 Dresses?” Do we really think that registering for a fancy casserole dish will suddenly turn us into the Martha Stewart of home chefs? These gifts are great but if you are looking for more from your wedding registry, experience-based wedding registries are just the thing for you!

Experience-based wedding registries allow you to register for vineyard tours, private goat yoga, cooking classes, weekend getaways and everything in between. If you are a modern couple and finding that between the two of you, your first place together is already fully furnished, (yes even the salt and pepper shakers!) then your wedding registry should not have to include things that you do not need. Forget the stuff and focus on your experiences together. Your wedding registry will be as romantic and spontaneous as you are!

Vebo is an online wedding registry that allows you to “value experiences more than objects” and may be the perfect experience-based registry for your wedding. Vebo opened its doors not long ago but is growing fast and has expanded across the western United States and into 19 different countries across the world. Completely free to register and easy to navigate, Vebo is the perfect online registry for the thrill-seeking couple. They feature everything from glass-blowing classes to 22-day-long cruises and is sure to feature something for every couple and every guest! With Vebo, your guests can choose to purchase the whole experience or only a portion of the cost, guaranteeing that they will actually be excited to gift you that brewery tour instead of another blender. The fun should not end with your honeymoon and now with Vebo, you can guarantee that the adventures will never end!

The honeymoon phase will eventually end, and that is OK, but now you can do more to cherish each other and your time together, guaranteeing a healthy, lifelong marriage together. Your wedding registry and what you put on it are crucial steps in creating your future together. Now you can actually have as much fun as Katherine Heigl and James Marsden…and you can do it all with a few clicks from your computer!