October 30, 2018

How to Incorporate Swedish Wedding Traditions in Your Big Day

We love that every wedding is a custom reflection on a couple’s personality. The bride and groom are influenced by their individual and shared interests, styles, religious beliefs, and budget.

Weddings have always been unique, and are often inspired by family traditions. Did you know that many of these traditions were forged based on your families’ countries of origin? It’s easy to forget just how old the act of marriage itself is – the word itself is hundreds of years old! With a little fun research, a couple’s heritage heritage can play a part in a modern wedding.

Let’s take a look at 5 Swedish wedding traditions—from engagement to marriage.

  1. Men don’t propose on one knee

Popping the question is out of the question in Swedish tradition. Instead, Swedish couples have a joint discussion deciding whether to commit to one another. No surprise proposals in Sweden means—men, no torturous decisions to find the perfect time and place! As a bride, it can be disheartening if you subscribe to Western traditions and have always imagined a romantic surprise proposal, but with a focus on gender equality, couples in Sweden traditionally prefer the decision to be mutual.

  1. Both parties get an engagement ring

Men join in on the fun and get an engagement ring as well! The bride then receives a second ring on the Big Day while the groom’s engagement ring becomes his wedding band. In conjunction with the lack of surprise proposals, Swedish couples often buy their rings together.

It’s also traditional for both engagement rings to be plain wedding bands. The bride’s wedding ring includes a diamond (or sometimes is a second plain band). Of course, a lot of Swedish weddings incorporate modern styles and include a “rock” on the bridal engagement ring instead.

     3. You may stay seated

When the processional music begins, most guests at American weddings stand to welcome the entrance of the bridal party and bride. However, it’s typical for guests to stay seated during a Swedish ceremony.

    4. The bride and groom walk down the aisle together

In Sweden, the bride and groom accompany each other down the aisle as opposed to the father of the bride giving his daughter away. Sometimes couples will incorporate both traditions, but Swedes don’t typically prefer the patriarchal tradition of a man handing off his daughter to another man.

    5. Singing games at the reception

If you like karaoke, you’ll enjoy this Swedish tradition the most. Allsång is a popular sing-along tradition. To participate, guests take a common melody that everyone knows and alter the lyrics to reflect the couple. You don’t even need to be musically-inclined to enjoy this tradition to the fullest!

If you choose to incorporate some Swedish traditions into your wedding, you’ll be sure to feel the hygge on your big day!