Gender Reveal: Blue or Pink? What Do You Think?

First comes love, next comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

Getting ready to find out if you are having a boy or girl? Throw a fun gender reveal party with your family and friends to announce the big news. Décor is easy – go with a variety of pink and blue cupcakes, balloons, and flowers – and have guests write down their guess (boy or girl?) with a suggestion for the baby’s name.

Gender reveals can be as intimate or extravagant as you’d like, and can be tailored to match your style and personality.


Sports Fans Rejoice! Is the mom or dad-to-be a baseball fan? Get a custom-designed ball filled with blue or pink powder and have someone “pitch” it…but make sure your aim is good! When the mom or dad swings the bat, they’ll break it open to shower the sky with blue or pink powder.

Get the kids involved! Have older siblings waiting to find out if they are getting a baby brother or sister? Consider a pull-string piñata and have a friend or family member (someone who can keep a secret!) fill it with only pink or blue candies. The kids at the party can take turns until someone pulls the string to release the candy and reveal the big news.

Have a sweet tooth? Check with local bakeries – many offer gender reveal cakes. Just take your ultrasound with a clear note from your doctor in a sealed envelope, and without ever knowing, your baker will bake a cake with either pink or blue batter. One cut of the cake will share the good news – and everyone can celebrate together.

Do-It-Yourself Reveal Parties Spontaneous celebrations are sometimes the best ones. Some couples don’t have a lot of family who live locally, so if there’s a chance to get extended family and friends in town for a day or two, take the chance to share your good news with your loved ones by throwing a DIY gender reveal party.

DIY gender reveal parties don’t have to break the budget. Consider this fun and fabulous idea…If you have a backyard, consider hanging a simple box, painted or wrapped in paper, from a high branch. Have the box filled with blue or pink Holi powder, and rig the bottom of the box so that when a string is pulled, it will shower pink or blue powder onto the mom-and-dad to be standing below! Make sure the mom and dad wear plain white t-shirts to show off the color.  Of course, one person will have to be trusted with the big news and will be responsible for filling the box with the appropriate color!

Decorating for a gender reveal is easy with overnight shipping from Amazon. Add some fun favors, like confetti poppers and sunglasses…and don’t forget to order some goodies, like cupcakes, and set up a candy buffet for everyone to enjoy.


What You Need for a DIY party:

A Cardboard Box (to fill with colored powder)

Holi Powder (pink or blue. you may have to buy both if you won’t have the results until the day of the reveal)

White T-Shirts (for the mom & dad-to-be)

Pink & Blue Desserts (pink lemonade, blue punch, cake pops, candy, and all things yummy)

Pink or Blue Sunglasses/ Hats/ Confetti Poppers for photos after the big reveal

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