Wedding Guest Do’s & Don’ts

First time attending a wedding? Or perhaps the first wedding you are going to out-of-state or as a  significant other’s “plus one?” We’ve compiled a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” of being a wedding guest, from someone who has seen it all.

Gifts for the bride and groom

Do: Purchase from the registry & mail it to their home directly. They will love that you got something they needed, and will appreciate not having to lug it from the reception to their house.

Don’t: Buy a gift they selected on their registry from a different store. If you do so, please still go into their registry and check off that you have purchased the item for the couple. This will avoid duplicate gifts and will eliminate the hassle of returns.

How Much to Spend on a Gift

Do: Tradition is for a guest to spend the amount of their plate. It is completely up to your discretion how much to spend. I recommend purchasing a tangible object, as giving a couple a check/cash can be stressful.

Don’t: Go overboard because you feel obligated. Remember, they have invited you to their big day because they want you there, not because they are expecting an extravagant gift in return.

What to Wear

Do: Dress to impress, follow our guide on how to dress for a black-tie or semi-formal events to learn the appropriate attire for any occasion.

Don’t: Wear white! {yes, this should be obvious, but sadly I’ve seen it}

Arrival Time

Do: Arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the time listed on the invitation

Don’t: Arrive when the invitation start-time begins, you will be late.

Room Block {if the couple decides to have a room block}

Do: Purchase your room through the block. Not only will the rate be discounted, but it helps the bride and groom reach their minimum, giving them extra perks too.

Don’t: Stay at another hotel because of a $15 difference. Trust me, the excitement of being in the same hotel with all of the guests and the wedding party will be worth the price difference.

We hope these tips make your experience at your next wedding event better than the last. Is there anything else you have questions on as a wedding guest? Please feel free to leave a comment and we will happily answer any questions.

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