I Do’s & Thank You’s

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With the hustle and bustle of a wedding it may be a struggle to think of that perfect gift to show gratitude towards your bridesmaids and mother. Here are some cute, creative ideas to show your appreciation for those who are helping you on your big day!

For your girls:

Floral Bridesmaids Robes

These are so cute, cozy, and affordable! They can be worn while getting ready for the ceremony (they look great in pictures!), and for long after the wedding as well!

Pre-Made Spa Basket

What better way to wind down after wedding festivities than with a nice spa basket! Items could include: personalized towels, soap, bath bombs, lip balm, bath salts, etc. Cratejoy has a huge selection to choose from, so you can find the perfect theme for your gals! 

CUSTOM anything!
  • Keyring

A cute, fashionable accessory to jazz up any set of keys!

  • Compact

Gotta make sure your makeup is always looking good! A great accessory for the big day, as well as afterwards.

  • Hanger

Unique and useful!

  • Engraved Flasks

Some think flasks are just for the boys – but why not let the girls in on a little fun!

  • Customizable Necklace

Who doesn’t love personalized jewelry? There are so many options with this idea. You could use a bar necklace, charm necklace, pendant necklace; rings, bracelets, etc. You could customize with roman numerals, letters, numbers, or even a short phrase!


Great to keep your girls hydrated during the big day. You could easily monogram cheap tumblers from the Dollar Tree or Walmart with a Cricut if you have one. I know my Cricut has saved me hundreds on fun projects like these! 


For Mom:

Old photos

Dig up those old photos stored in the garage and put one in a frame for mom. Another option would be to create a personalized photo album, writing meaningful messages for each picture. You could also include a photo of your mother’s wedding day for a little sentimentality.

Personalized Cutting Board

Does your mom love to cook in the kitchen? What a great, unique gift that will remind her of the special day you both spent together.


After planning a big wedding, Mom will be tired and in need of relaxation. From a tropical getaway to something more local like a gift to go wine tasting, mom deserves to sit back and relax too! These events can also be activities that you do all together with your family.

Embroidered handkerchief

A meaningful message beautifully embroidered on a handkerchief is a great gift to give Mom before she sheds a tear when you walk down the aisle!

Hopefully these ideas got your gears turning. In the end, the best way to guarantee a perfect Bridesmaid/Mother gift is to make it meaningful and personal!

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