Something Borrowed, Something Blue
December 2, 2017

Something Borrowed, Something Blue? Put a Modern Spin on Traditions!

You may be wondering if you have to wear your mom’s wedding dress and a blue-lace garter to adhere to an old bridal tradition, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your own personal taste to embrace “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Hints of tradition sprinkled throughout your wedding can celebrate family history and honor loved ones, but old, new, borrowed and blue can be interpreted in lots of different ways. Get creative and turn these old traditions into a reflection of what’s important to you on your wedding day!

Something Old

While your mom may think her silk shantung ball gown from 1990, complete with puffy sleeves and oversized bow, would “totally look great on you” you may be looking for an alternative for your “something old.” If your mom is comfortable with the idea – and you’ve gotten your sisters’ approval – cut a swatch of lace from your mother’s dress or a piece of tulle from her veil.  Have it sewn inside your gown or ask your florist to wrap it around your bouquet.

Whatever you decide, pick something that holds a special meaning or memory to you, like:

  • A penny from the year your groom was born slipped into your shoe
  • A photo of your parents on their wedding day or an old note written to you from your groom, framed in a locket and tied around your bouquet
  • Your grandmother’s broach, dad’s favorite tie-clip, or your sorority pin attached to the inside of your dress – anything that represents a happy memory and the special people who are celebrating with you
Something New

This is the easiest item to check off the list for most brides who are excited to shop for a wedding dress, shoes, and all the fabulous accessories to help you shine on your big day. If you are foregoing a new dress in lieu of one passed down in your family, you can choose something simple to represent your “something new,” such as earrings or a hair accessory.

Something Borrowed

While borrowing your grandmother’s pearls to wear as you walk down the aisle sounds like a sweet idea, you may have a different vision for your wedding day style. Consider wearing something your sister wore on her wedding day as you get ready (like a robe), one of your grandpa’s handkerchiefs, or “borrow” your parents’ wedding song for your first dance!

Something Blue

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, many of us have imagined walking down the aisle in a pair of beautiful blue Manolo Blahnik’s, but there are lots of way to incorporate a little “something blue” into your wedding look. Blue flowers in a bouquet, a blue-threaded embroidered hanky, a piece of jewelry, or a clutch would all suffice…but have you considered something fun, like light blue lingerie or even a barely blue blusher? You could even ask your groom to write you a note on the bottom of your shoes with blue ink!

Whatever you choose on your wedding day to represent your “old, new, borrowed, and blue,” have fun with it!