wedding planner
December 18, 2017

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

As an OC Wedding Planner, you’re probably not surprised that we would suggest hiring a coordinator, but let’s talk about the benefits of having a professional help you create a beautiful and stress-free wedding day.

Weddings have a lot of moving parts to coordinate – even if you think you’ve planned a simple ceremony and reception. You may have been able to find a venue and vendors, including a florist, photographer, and caterer, on your own, but what happens on your wedding day when something or someone doesn’t show up or there’s an unexpected glitch in the plans?

When a bride and groom attempt to plan their wedding without a coordinator, it can often come down to the parents or Maid of Honor to make sure last minute details are taken care of. They might not mind, in theory, but it certainly takes away their time celebrating with you – and any problems that arise may be overwhelming for them.

A wedding planner’s responsibilities usually include important tasks, including making certain that:
  • Vendors all arrive on time to the ceremony and reception (including the officiant, limousine and shuttle services, florists, musicians, and more)
  • Family members and bridal party members are prepared for their roles in the wedding ceremony (even more important when young children are involved!)
  • Venue is organized and ready for your guests – including parking attendants, floor plan coordination, table set-ups and décor
  • Timeline is managed seamlessly, especially when there are unexpected changes

The timeline for your wedding day doesn’t sound too difficult to handle on your own, until something goes wrong…and something always goes wrong. The stylist and makeup artists for your bridal party start late (impacting the time you arrive at the ceremony), your wedding dress bustle rips and you need an emergency repair, or your florist arrives with one bouquet less than you ordered. (Yes, we’ve seen it all!) These things can all be managed – but having your mom or maid of honor trying desperately to create a make-shift bouquet or hand-sew your dress can be incredibly stressful for everyone.

If your wedding ceremony starts even 15 minutes later than planned, photos, cocktail hour, and the grand entrance to your reception may all be altered. To make sure dinner is served at an appropriate time (and that the food is hot!), or your first dance doesn’t start when your bridal party is off taking photos, you need someone updating vendors throughout the night, helping them make adjustments along the way.

With experience in all of these mishaps, a good coordinator can solve any issue while keeping you and your family calm and confident. Day-of coordination will relieve stress from all members of the bridal party, allowing them to enjoy your day, as you want them to.

You may have been planning your wedding for a few months, or might have been dreaming of this day since you were 5 years old. Either way, you have a vision for your big day. Cherish it with your favorite people, and allow someone else to do all of the work. Have someone on hand who can help you focus on what’s important – celebrating your marriage!