guest book
January 3, 2018

Guest Book Greetings!

The idea of having a fancy white book with blank pages for your friends and family to write their names in as they arrive at your wedding probably seems a bit antiquated. Instead of having a non-descript book that will sit in a box in your closet, choose from some of our favorite “guest book” ideas to create a keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come:


Set up a polaroid camera with lots of extra film, or rent a photo booth. Ask your guests to place a photo of themselves in the scrapbook accompanied by a personal note to the bride and groom. Keep lots of tape and sharpies handy!

Puzzles & Games

Newlywed game nights can be even more special! Jenga blocks (regular size or jumbo), puzzle pieces, or LEGOs can turn a guest book into a fun way to reminisce over your wedding guests. Make sure your markers have fine tips to prevent smudging on such small surfaces.

Bible Passages

Let your friends and family support you in your religious devotion by choosing a leather-bound Bible to display as guests arrive at your reception. Ask guests to circle their favorite passage and sign their name by it. This can be a meaningful keepsake for generations to come.

Wall Hangings

A giant letter representing your last name, a “family tree” with leaves to sign, or a framed chalkboard-style canvas can be fun to hang in your new home to remind you of all the love and support you have in your new life together.  You can also create a picture frame that can be signed to display your favorite wedding photo.

Make it personal! Depending on the habits, hobbies, and style of the bride and groom, you can pick an item to turn into a guest book that reflects the spirit of the couple:

  • Travelers – Travel-loving couples will get to celebrate their past and future adventures with a globe signed by their wedding guests. You can also use a large printed map that can be signed and framed.
  • Vinyl records – Music lovers will appreciate vinyl records with their loved ones’ messages and well wishes. Include silver or white markers that will show up on the black records.
  • Wine lovers – Paint pens on wine bottles can look great displayed in your kitchen or bar, and can be a fun way for guests to wish you well. You could also use corks, but with limited space, find smooth ones that will be easier to write on.