first look
January 5, 2018

The Big Reveal – Should You Do A First Look?

We’ve all heard it. “The groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding!”

In an effort to avoid any supposed bad luck, a groom traditionally wouldn’t see his bride until she appeared at the end of the aisle. If you’ve seen the romantic comedy 27 Dresses, you know that as everyone else’s eyes are on the bride, some wedding guests glance back at the groom to watch his reaction to seeing her for the first time. It’s an emotional moment, but what if the bride and groom break the rules?

“First look” photos have gained in popularity recently, but do you have to sacrifice spontaneity for practicality? Absolutely not.

Scheduling a “first look” definitely makes sense for couples that don’t want to be rushed when taking professional photographs. If you don’t take photos with your groom before the ceremony, you will have a very limited amount of time to do so between your ceremony and reception, or risk taking time away from your reception and guests by arriving late.

A videographer and photographer can capture your groom’s first glance so you can share the moment with friends and family later. You can also include your bridal party and parents of the bride and groom in the “first look” and get some amazing group photos before the festivities begin later that day.

Even if it’s before the ceremony, the first time you see one another in your wedding gown and tuxedo/suit can be magical. Plan your first look in a beautiful location, perhaps your wedding venue if it’s available earlier on your wedding day. Make sure you schedule hair and makeup appointments at appropriate times so everyone is ready early enough. Your wedding coordinator will help you schedule floral deliveries (if you’d like to have your bouquet and boutonnière for the photos), transportation, and your individual arrival times so that the groom doesn’t see his bride until everyone is in place.

If you would like an element of surprise on your wedding day but want a “first look” to accommodate your photography needs, consider planning the first look a week or so before your wedding day. To change things up a little, the bride can wear a slightly different hairstyle and hold a different bouquet if she chooses. If your bridal party is included, use this chance to have fun with the group photos (props, silly accessories, etc.), or ask your photographer to stage more elaborate set-ups that take time to arrange.

Rest assured, your groom will be enchanted and awe-struck when you walk down the aisle to him, whether it’s the first time he’s seen you or not.