February 28, 2019

A Night to Remember

Elizabeth and Claudio were married at the picturesque El Adobe De Capistrano on a stunning November afternoon. With tall palms providing vibrant, rich greenery contrasting with shades of beige and chestnut of the venue, this wedding was as stunning as the bride and groom.

As our team prepped for their small, intimate ceremony, we told the groom not to peek! Elizabeth wanted the first time Claudio saw her to be as she walked down the aisle. As we checked on the bride, we were greeted by her calming, supportive bridesmaids. A sharp “Hello!” pierced the air as one of the little ring bearers popped around the corner – eager for his moment to shine! The flower girls were beautifully dressed in white with sparkling clips adorning their perfectly curled hair. They were all ready to see their Aunt Liz get married!

As guests were seated, the sun began to peak through the palm fronds creating a perfect window into an impeccably crafted arch made with flowing fabric and stunning flower pieces. The bride walked down the aisle, her dress and embellished veil trailing being her elegantly. As the officiant read their vows to each other, the guests chuckled at Claudio’s recount of meeting Elizabeth, noticing she had the most perfect teeth, like Sofia Vergara. Of course, as Elizabeth laughed at this, everyone saw he was right!

They performed a unique sand ceremony, each pouring their own color of sand into a glass jar, along with the officiant, representing how they are individually coming together to form a strong union. The officiant emphasized how as man and wife, each must be fulfilled on their own – it is not their partner’s responsibility to make them whole. They closed the lid on the jar, and with a kiss, their union was sealed!

The most magical part of the day came when it was time for the first dance. Inside the venue the ceiling parted and let in the night sky as the bride and groom danced to Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli’s rendition of Perfect Symphony. Under the hanging twinkle lights, the two shared an unforgettable moment.  When the song transitioned from English to Spanish, the waltz became even more unique to the couple’s special day.

The guests enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with choice of steak or salmon served with a fresh salad. It was time to celebrate and get all their guests on the dance floor. The bride and groom chose a traditional “Money Dance” where guests can pay to dance with the bride or groom by pinning cash to their garments. Guests eagerly approached to get their time with the couple and to make a fun contribution to their honeymoon!

An elegant four-layer cake towered tall captured the elegance – and humor – of the bride and groom. At the top of the cake stood a figurine couple that looked a lot like the bride and groom, with the bride holding a white balloon as the figures kissed. When Elizabeth was asked if the balloon held any significance, she chuckled and said it was hard to find a good looking figurine and this was the best one she could find! Along with cake, the caterers served flan, a Latin dessert that is a favorite in many countries around the world, garnished with berries and mint.

After dessert, DJ Aeron from Bouquet Sound pumped up the music on the dance floor, and everyone joined it for the party. As the end of their reception neared, all the guests piled onto the dance floor to share one giant group hug with the newlyweds!