February 11, 2019

10 Fun and Flirty Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

 Out of fresh, new date ideas for you and your spouse to try? Here are 10 Fun and Flirty Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that are sure to stir up a romantic night! 

1.Game Night 

There are a ton of fun, free, and downloadable templates for some romantic games for you and your significant other to play! You could also put a twist on some classics, for example, Date Night Jenga! Use a pen to write actions on each block; like 10 minute massage, I love you because . . . Have fun with your partner coming up with what to write on each game piece! 

2. Sweets Tour 

Visit bakeries and sweet stores all around your town to find the best dessert! You can try chocolates at many places, or try different flavors of ice cream at local shops. Even create a scorecard to find the best dessert in your town! 

3. Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

If you don’t know what to cook, try looking up a recipe from one of the restaurants you both love and attempt to copy the dish! Remember to break out the sparkling cider, champagne, or red wine to accompany the preparation. Turn up the speakers with some soft music to turn on the Valentine’s Day romance!

4. Go See a Play! 

Dress up fancy and go see a professional show to get you in the romantic mood! Go see something on Broadway, or even check out smaller, local theaters and see what productions they have to offer. 

5. Visit the Significant Places in Your Relationship

Visit some of the spots that hold the best memories in your relationship (where you met, first kiss, first home, etc.). At each place talk about what you were each thinking during that time and place! 

6. DIY Spa Night 

Play some music, lower the lights, and burn a scented candle! Take some turns giving each other nice massages, foot rubs, or back scratches. Fill up a nice bathtub with some bubbles or a colorful bath bomb and spend the night relaxing at home.

7. Rooftop Stargazing

If you have a house or apartment with access to a roof, this date is a must! Break out the comfy blankets, pillows, and Chinese takeout as you stargaze snuggled up next to your significant other. 

8. Drive-In Date 

Find a drive-in near you to see the newest flick for a casual Valentine’s Day, or DIY! Outside or inside, set up a projector to play your favorite romance movie. Pop some popcorn and add some drinks and chocolate to bring some sweetness to the night. 

9. Restaurant Hopping

Make reservations to go to three different restaurants for all different courses. Appetizers, entrees, and dessert! If you and your date are big foodies, this is a great chance to try some new places. 

10. First Date Date 

Bring back some butterflies with a first date do-over! Pretend you and your partner are going on your first date all over again, and probe them with questions you ask someone when you are first getting to know them. You never know what new things you might discover!